Broader perspective of the queen of rodeo

Every year during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, a new Miss Rodeo America is crowned. And every year, inevitably, that personable and wonderful young lady gets hit with a slew of questions about how she feels and what it’s like to win such a prestigious title, etc. etc. etc.

So I’ve made it my job each year to ask Miss Rodeo America some very different questions, to give you, the faithful rodeo fan, a much broader perspective of the queen of rodeo.

Let’s start with an introduction: This past Sunday, Keri Sheffield was named Miss Rodeo America, and as the reigning Miss Rodeo Florida, she became the first Sunshine State contestant to win the national crown.

On Thursday night, the newly minted Miss Rodeo America graciously granted me a few minutes of her time in the press room at the Thomas & Mack Center. Herewith, then, are some things you probably don’t yet know about Sheffield.

CRTH6292[1]First off, during a week filled with all sorts of activities, Sheffield found out that swinging a 9-iron is not her forte.

“I learned that I was not good at golf,” she said. “We had a girls’ night out at Topgolf, with all the contestants. And they all voted that I should never play golf again!”

Fortunately, one’s ability to drive a golf ball straight is not among the qualifications deemed necessary to be Miss Rodeo America.

Moving along, I ask: What’s the most unusual question you received as part of this competition?

“In my personal interview, one of the judges asked me how I would relate myself to an electrical outlet,” Sheffield said.

Whoa. That’s something that could have all sorts of interesting answers. Yet being the professional pageant question answerer that she is, Sheffield stood and delivered the perfect reply:

“I’m full of energy.”

Bam! Now that’s an answer.

OK, wrapping up: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen or heard this week?

“Miss Rodeo Colorado, Kelsie Winslow, would get a rose every night that had a joke attached to it,” Sheffield said, noting she roomed with Winslow this week. “She’d read the jokes before bedtime and they were all hilarious. The best part of the day.”

Well, give us one of the jokes then!

“What do you call cows who have a sense of humor?”

I’m thinking really hard on this. Trying to come up with something related to cattle. Maybe “udderly ridiculous?”

Nope. OK, I give up. What do you call cows who have a sense of humor?

“Laughing stock,” Sheffield says, cracking up as if she heard it for the first time. “It’s not even a good joke, but it gets me every time.”

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