Miss Rodeo America

Every year, the newly crowned Miss Rodeo America gets all the usual questions that one might expect from the press covering such a pageant. So I take it upon myself as your intrepid NFR Experience blogger to turn that process on its ear a little bit, digging up things about Miss Rodeo America that you might otherwise never know.

Taylor McNair did not disappoint.

NFR18_Miss Rodeo America
Miss Rodeo America PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Billie-Jean Duff

McNair, from Learned, Mississippi, won the crown on Sunday and will represent the sport throughout 2019 as Miss Rodeo America. But during the pageant process this past week, she had an issue that she thought might cost her some points with the judges.

“In my personal interview, my earrings fell out while they were interviewing me,” McNair said. “The first one just fell to the floor. But the second one fell down my shirt.”

Recognizing it was not the most opportune time to reach into her shirt and retrieve the earring, McNair did her best to play it off, waiting until after the interview to shake it out from the bottom of her shirt.

“At the time, I was really embarrassed,” she said. “But they remembered me, and I guess it made a difference.”

That wasn’t the end of the earring escapades, though.

“At the press conference after I won, my earring fell out again. And it was from a different set of earrings,” an exasperated McNair said.

As it turned out, it was no harm, no foul. So, how about something else unique about the past week in the pageantry world?

“We had this really funny cheer that all the contestants would say, and we’d just do it in random places,” McNair said. “Everybody would be looking at us. I think our bus driver thought he was getting punished. We would sing and dance. We were fun, and we were loud!”

The cheer was actually a little long, but McNair provided a sample that I’m happy to share with you loyal rodeo readers:

“I feel a breeze,
Ooh, it’s in my knees.
I feel it in my hips,
Ooh, it’s in my lips …”

You just won’t find these fine nuggets of information anywhere else during the Wrangler NFR. So keep an eye on this space and the rest of the fine content at NFRExperience.com!

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